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Upon starting the game it tells me there's an update available and gives me the opportunity to update it before playing. If I choose to update it directly, it logs me in, shows a progress bar which completes almost immediately and tells me the game has been patched. Upon trying to play the game again, the same message appears, as if nothing had happened (most likely because nothing has happened).

If I select to download the update from the shop, it takes me to the shop and gives me an 011-3021 error, indicating that the game would be unavailable in my region. But the game is for Europe (don't have it with me right now to type the code off the cartridge, but I will be able to do that once I get home), and I live in Europe, and the game is also available for purchasing online.

I've contacted support regarding this issue a week ago but nobody seems to have gotten in touch with me. Has anybody experienced this before? I've scoured the internet to no avail.

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I don't know if this helps but did you purchase your 3DS in Europe?
I bought it from a local reseller so I cannot say for sure where it was originally from, but the product ID printed on the back of the cartridge is CTR-EK2P-EUR, corresponding to the Europe release/version, which fits the region I'm in.

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This is a question that can't be answered here. Call the number in the digital manual located in the game's file.

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