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No, you should teach to a fast pokémon mean look (Me I used a Crobat). Like this he can't escape. Also try to make him sleep and teach to a pokémon false swipe, so you can catch it easily.

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Where can you get mean look
You just get a pokemon that knows mean look by leveling up
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If it ran away with low health (i.e after using false swipe) just snag it with a quick ball as soon as the battle starts next time.

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I use a very uncommon strategy that takes time (it works but people are lazy and don't do this). First, I track it down. Then,I lower its health into the low yellow zone with a strong move (can never be too careful). Then, as I continue to track it down I use Ultra Balls. It works. I caught Raikou and Tornadus with this strategy. But,once you use this stategy it won't work on another roaming pokemon i.e. do this with Raikou you might wanna use your master ball on Entei. I reccomend using your master bal on Virizion because it knows Giga Drain and as soon as you get it to a red zone,It uses Giga Drain and you have to do it all over again.

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you could get a pokemon with sap sipper
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Nope. Do not use any Master Ball on this one. I for one caught Thundurus with the first Quick Ball i threw on the first encounter with him. so for me it was easy to catch him. I highly reccomend you DO NOT use a Master Ball when trying to catch Thundurus, unless you have hacked your game and got enought Master Balls to catch every Pokemon there is.

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