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Some can be unnamed. Because they might just have different colors like some Balls in Master Quest (or the Johto Series)

The one I know of is GS Ball (it was in the games too but nobody really knew about it so it counts as an anime exclusive imo)

pretty sure that's it. just the gs ball

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The GS Ball is the only anime exclusive PokeBalls.

But if count movie as an anime,then the 2 anime exclusive PokeBalls are:

1)GS Ball
2)Dark Ball
3)Mewtwo Ball
4)Old Ball

enter image description here
Dark ball

enter image description here
Mewtwo Ball

enter image description here
old ball

enter image description here
GS Ball


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What about Mewtwo's balls he uses in Mewtwo Strikes Back?
thanks,i almost forgot about it,i dont know why it is not there in bulbapedia.
please let me know if i missed any exclusive pokeballs.
I have seen some PokeBalls with miscolors as well, as I mentioned in my question I count miscolors as anime exclusive Balls too