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I read somewhere that some battling mechanics from the series' first titles Red, Blue and Yellow were still being discovered, with one very meta changing one found just last year. My question is this: what was this mechanic, and what other mechanics were only found after the release of the second generation?

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I didn't say superior. I said split And also, the actual screen talks about how things changed in gold and silver and says that moves that have residual effects do not affect Pokemon of the same type.  As for this being hard for you to believe that RBY pros who use cartridges knew about it all along, isn't it harder to believe that a body slam spamming /Chansey, Snorlax, Tauros heavy meta game would take twenty years to realize that not one body slam was paralyzing? Again, this is just a split. I can't imagine this coming up in conversation between the two groups, and from a quick poll of my RBY players, they claim to never use simulators. There is a rift. I'm not arguing. It's clear I'm a different classification of player from the other frequent question answerers. Just because I point out the differences doesn't mean I'm claiming to be better. I just prefer it because it's more challenging and there are prizes and titles to be won, as well as less hacked mon. Some people still have Pokemon in their parties from gen 3.
"Just another reason not to give credence to the online competitive scene VS real world players"

That sure sounds like you're saying real-life competitors are better (or more credible) than simulator competitors. Anyways imma stop this argument because it's gone on long enough.
Just in the gameplay mechanics. Not the participants. But okay.
I also find it difficult that if all these RBY 'pros' knew about the mechanic and not one of them  didn't discuss the mechanic with anyone outside the specific RBY community in any way shape or form, or that not a single person from the specific RBY community is also relevant in any competitive community at all.  I find it hard to believe that the two communities never integrated even once long enough to bring up very meta changing information. My guess is that both parties did know in practice (i.e people have noticed for a long time that pokemon types can't be affected by status of their type) but had no evidence for it, just speculation.
That's possible. Cartridge players use double edge more frequently then online players though, from what I can see compiling data from as far back as 2007, but the move pools became quite similar in 2014. But hey, that's just a theory. A game theory.

The actual answer is that this is a very real example of the Mandela Effect.

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Only a few months ago, Crystal_ made some startling revelations about the mechanics of the first generation. These previously unnoticed mechanics are incredibly significant, changing the way the game has been played since the beginning of competitive Pokémon! This article, written a few months after these initial discoveries, tries to understand how the metagame has changed. The most important mechanical change is that Body Slam cannot paralyze Normal-types. This is part of a general rule that a move's added effect does not affect Pokémon of the same type. For example, Blizzard can't freeze Ice-types. This goes for every status except poison. There are two other slightly less major discoveries; one is too complex for me to explain here, but it's detailed in the link at the bottom** — all you need to know in the context of this article is that it is effectively a buff to Slowbro. The other discovery is that we now fully understand Counter's mechanics. The way it works is that it deals back double the amount of damage currently stored on the damage address, as long as the foe's last move was a Normal- or Fighting-type attack other than Counter. Note that when your foe spends turns asleep, switching, frozen, or fully paralyzed, the damage address does not reset. It will reset successfully when any move that is not a Normal- or Fighting-type attack is used.

the other discovery, which is kind of complex

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The battling mechanic glitches are there as well. Otherwise, refer to fizz's comment.
I'm not talking about mechanic glitches specifically though. I'm talking about recent battling mechanics
But... there really aren't any recent battle mechanic discoveries. Only recent changes to online RB simulators.
There was the one about Normal-types not being Paralyzed by Body Slam. He means things like that.
That wasn't newly discovered. Just newly implemented. Plenty of gen 1 and gen 2 players knew this. I think it might have been in the prima guides, and when it was taken out for gen 2, the meta changed drastically. It was only recently taken out of some online simulators.