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I mean they do tons of crazy stuff like shooting fire and electricity at each other. How are there never any casualties in the midst of a battle? Pokemon can die in other circumstances but why not battling? Remember that Charmander that almost died from being left in the rain yet Charmanders can apparently survive being blasted by hydro pump and survive?

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If you spent several months breeding the perfect Pokemon, and it died, how would you feel?
Because Pokemon battles are an sport, and have rules, no trainer are alowerd to kill another trainer Pokemons, so they can use powerfull moves as long is just to incapacitate or faint, not to kill it, just like it happens with profissional fights in the real word, however the Pokemon do have the power to kill if want it. Many pokedex antries also states that Pokemon prey on other Pokemons and kill it to eat.
But also, did you see the comic books? Pokemons die alot there, I recomend seeing it. Have a nice day!

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The answer is quite simple...... its a child's game/show.

Yes, there are a great deal of the audience that are older, mainly the ones into the competitive side of game, but above all else the main audience that Game Freak makes these games and shows for are children. Depicting something like murder and death aren't something that they tend to do and when they do depict death in the series its typically not shown on screen and/or is hinted at, never explicitly stated.

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Also, if your Pokémon were constantly dying it would be extremely hard to get past the trials/beat the Pokémon league and stuff. I also want to state that there are kids games that imply dying such as Kirby and Mario, but you  'respawn'. Respawning wouldn't work in Pokémon because you have six Pokémon.
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One example of a Pokemon that died is AZ's Floette, which apparently died during a war. Since Pokemon don't die during trainer battles, there must be some difference between a trainer battle and a war that allows death in one but not the other. I thought of two reasonable possibilities. First, in a trainer battle, the Pokemon are always being closely supervised by their trainers. The trainers always recall their Pokemon immediately after they faint, and before any of their injuries gets bad enough to kill the Pokemon. The second possibility is what Olli mentioned, which is that Pokemon battling is supposed to be a sport, and the Pokemon somehow refrain from killing each other in battles.