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Why does ash never even TRY to catch a legendary Pokemon?

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He "wants" to be the "pokemon master." So why does he never even TRY? He must have been taught something bad as a kid like to not catch legends. But even if there is religion in Pokemon or some dumb reason, why?

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Team Rocket and the fact that basically all legendaries play a role in the Pokè world

Think about it. If Ash caught All the legendaries, than Team Rocket would learn about it and probably send in so many soldiers, they would steal it from Ash in the blink of an eye. Also, all the legendaries play important roles in the Pokemon world (Kyogre=rain, Dialga=time, Arceus=God/Keeps everything running, etc.)

I would most likely think Ash wouldn't catch them primely because of Team Rocket.


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who needs space or sun or the only thing that keeps the pokemon living?
wait.. i thought dialga was time then palkia was space...
Oh, sorry. I meant Palkia. Wow, can't believe I made that mistake.