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I am looking for a Pokemon to teach fly to in Black and White and to also be a core part of my team. My team consists of:

This will just be for in game play or with friends, no serious stuff like tournaments, just casual. I am also post elite four so I have access to Pokemon of other generations.

I was thinking maybe Alteria, Staraptor, or Togakiss but any suggestion to other Pokemon would be good.

A moveset would be nice, too.
-Thanks :)

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Archeops is a good Pokemon seeing as you have a Special Pokemon, a Physical one can't hurt. It's fast, and Strong Pokemon and I know it has a bad ability but the stats make it worth getting. To obtain, you need to get the Plume fossil in the Relic Castle. A moveset:

Rock Slide

Other choices being Braviary and Staraptor, but Archeops is better. Hope this helps...

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Archeops is a good choice its speedy and powerful
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Those three are all good choices, so far, my main flying-type is Braviary which has: crush claw, rock slide, fly, superpower, and is holding a leftovers. What would be a good choice to teach fly to is a flying-type which has good attack power (not sp. attack). So you might want to save Togekiss for battles. Altaria is mainly a team supporter too. I would go for the Staraptor-mine currently has brave bird, steel wing, close combat, and toxic, Staraptor also has good speed and attack power which would be a great addition to your team. Here are some flying types that I like too:
Speedy Offensive Flying:

High HP Offensive Flying:

Defensive Support Flying:

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You forgot Ninjask for Support..
Ninjask can't learn fly, hallo!
Neither can Yanmega and Gliscor!  Hallo!!!
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