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I found this Pokemon card and I can't remember i've seen it before. I tried to google it but I can't find it. Anyone have any information about it? It's a rainbow energy card with a picture of Magumarashi in it. In the top right corner it has a "first edition" symbol.

pictures? filler
For those who don't know, Magumarashi = Quilava
I actually have a wierd card too, which I'm certain is fake. It has a dark-green skin colored Treekco jumping on lilipads with the Pokemon logo, HP, and everything, but the card says; 'Moil Frog' as the name of the Pokemon. I found it when I was taking out my trash can and it was on the top of the can, when I was about nine, and Pokemon Platnium was all the rage.

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Chances are that since it has a Pokemon on it, it's not real. Rainbow Energy cards are real, and they obviously come in first edition, but one with a Pokemon is unheard of by me. It could be a fake, or a complete misprint.

Pretty cool sounding though.

If it's a misprint it could potentially be worth thousands :O. A few years back in England there were five 20 pence coins with no date on them. They were worth about £20,000 grand each.
How do I know if it is fake or a misprint?
By £20,000 grand do you mean £20 grand, or £20,000,000?
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Look at this. I did have a look at my cards and remembered the childhood days... Then those two cards came up...


The right one is shiny. It is weird that both of them are "Second edition".

The logos in the Energy Banner are pretty Low Resolution. I think they are fake. Just wanted to share and contribute to this matter.

Best regards to all!