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I found this Pokemon card and I can't remember i've seen it before. I tried to google it but I can't find it. Anyone have any information about it? It's a rainbow energy card with a picture of Magumarashi in it. In the top right corner it has a "first edition" symbol.

pictures? filler
For those who don't know, Magumarashi = Quilava
I actually have a wierd card too, which I'm certain is fake. It has a dark-green skin colored Treekco jumping on lilipads with the Pokemon logo, HP, and everything, but the card says; 'Moil Frog' as the name of the Pokemon. I found it when I was taking out my trash can and it was on the top of the can, when I was about nine, and Pokemon Platnium was all the rage.

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Chances are that since it has a Pokemon on it, it's not real. Rainbow Energy cards are real, and they obviously come in first edition, but one with a Pokemon is unheard of by me. It could be a fake, or a complete misprint.

Pretty cool sounding though.

If it's a misprint it could potentially be worth thousands :O. A few years back in England there were five 20 pence coins with no date on them. They were worth about £20,000 grand each.
How do I know if it is fake or a misprint?
By £20,000 grand do you mean £20 grand, or £20,000,000?