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-baton pass
-focus energy/any crit raising move

Ability: Sniper
Item: scope lens
-shadow sneak (priority, type coverage)
-mega horn (huge 120 base power and STAB)
-poison jab/bug bite (STAB, high power)
-fell stinger (cause +2 atk makes Ariados EVEN MORE OP)

And before you say "Ariados sucks, don't use it ever" I say " replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-341565433 , your arguement is invalid."

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It doesn't have the best defensive stats, at 70/70/60, and at 40 base speed it's not gonna be outspeeding a lot of things. Maybe another poke should run Toxic Spikes because this Ariados is probably meant to be a full-on sweeper with that crit boost. I don't know, that's what I'd do.
I changed the set http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-341565433 Ariados, the OP destroyer of OU. I love people saying "Ariados can't sweep, why are you using it? Your a nub.", for sweeps later, " your argument is invalid. #Rekt"
How many battles did u need before u found a nub to show that it works?
I battled many and won, that's just one of the best replays.
Battled many and won huh? Where r u at in the ladder?
Its not my only OU team. I'm slightly lower than I should be because trolling with dumb Pokemon is what I do (magikarp and sunkern)

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No, nono, no, nononono. No.

This strategy would and should never be used competitively. There are simply to many ways it doesn't work for it to ever be viable.
Firstly, Ariados has really bad Speed, meaning it will rarely be able to attack first. A setup sweeper is very rarely successful if it can't outspeed a majority of all other mons, as the whole point of them is taking stuff down without taking to much damage.
Secondly, Ariados have atrocious defenses. It simply can't take a hit, and can very rarely take more than one. It is thus guaranteed to not take out two opponents, or even one. It can't attack first, and it shouldn't be attacked first.
Thirdly, it's typing is awful. It cannot get past Steel types, or any type that resist Poison/Bug moves at all. Your set in particular weak to this as you only have Poison moves. This is disastrous for any sweeper, but especially for an already weak Pokemon like Ariados.
Fourthly, any player that sees Ariados coming will be able to dispatch it. Sure people might expect it to set up Spider Web or something, but as soon as they realize it can't really do anything. At best you will then have given them momentum, at medium-bad lost Ariados, and in the worst case scenario you will have given the opponent a chance to set up to potentially wipe your entire team.
Lastly, you could use your precious team-slot on something better. Almost anything can fill Ariados' role better than it, if you want setup sweepers anything will do better than Ariados. If the option stands between this set and any other, the other mon/set will win out.

Apologies for being harsh but this set really isn't viable. It could work ingame but competitively it's really not good.

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Tell me, in your eyes, is Magikarp a strong pokemon?
I've seen the thing sweep soooo many teams now. More times than your Ariados has even played in games :P
Hot damn, this was a question asking if a set was viable. It clearly isn't, is outclassed by many other pokemon, and it turned into a s***storm... ah the maturity of youth today~
I know right. 2 downvotes....wow.
Why down vote the question? It's a poor strategy, but c'mon people… we've all used some pretty cruddy sets.
Well, not all of is are a jerk about accepting the truth about our sets... lol