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I'm playing through Pokemon x, just finished the lumiose city gym and are unsure about what team to continue/end up with

At the moment I am using or planning on using


However I have been unsure whether I want to use sylveon (that I have been using (that is awesome)) chandelure instead of gengar(for fire coverage) and lucario instead of mawile (which I have had since a Riolu)

Anybody's ideas would be greatly appreciated as I am thing about getting into competitive battling with a different team


Jack :)

You want to make this into a competitive team? Or you want us to build one for you?
+aegidash a bit of both really, or at least battle the battle Maison

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Well the good things about your team you have a physical sweeper(mawile) and special sweeper (gengar). The thing you are missing is a wall. The Gengar should be replaced with sylveon (the wall) and lucario (mega) should replace mawile because of its mega ability adaptability which powers move of the same stype. your other Pokemon in your team is great starmie as the water type and a a garchomp is great for dragon sweeping.

Hope I helped! :)

Thankyou that's great
Are you gonna give best answer for it? :)