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I personally think that Mimikyu is a wonderful Pokemon, in terms of story, anyway. This is a question about its movepool and stats!


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Quite useful indeed. Worth having in your team, if you have a spot that needs to be filled.

HP: 55 (Average)
Attack: 90 (Good)
Defense: 80 (Decent)
Special Attack: 50 (Poor, but unnecessary)
Special Defense: 105 (Quite good)
Speed: 96 (Good)

Notable moves: Shadow Sneak, Swords Dance, Hone Claws, Leech Life, X-Scissors, Shadow Claw

Weaknesses: Ghost and Steel. Only. That's pretty impressive, to be honest.

Immune to 3 types (Fighting, Normal and Dragon), making it quite handy to use.

Here's where it shines: As a set-up sweeper. Unfortunately, in game, most opponents go for the offensive right off the bat. In other words, you're guaranteed to be hit by a damaging move since turn 1. Thus, it's not as effective as it can be. Whatever. Mimikyu has solid defenses to set up at least once, and access to STAB priority (Along with STAB High Crit-Hit Ratio move), and the ever common Play Rough. To mix things up a bit, even Wood Hammer in exchange for a Heart Scale is a decent coverage move.

That's about it, sadly. It has very few moves it can take advantage of, with that dismal 55 Special Attack. For in-game, it can more than make up for that by being surprisingly effective. I'm not including the Toxic + Protect Stall combo as it's pretty useless in most trainer battles.

Final thoughts: Mimikyu is pretty decent, but not the best. There are some other choices you might want to consider before sticking to this one, but you won't be disappointed by it.

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"Other choices" Such as?
You forgot Play Rough in your notable moves.
You forgot about it's ability disguise. That's really the winning factor that makes mimikyu fire.
@Astro, I mentioned it later lmao

@Generekt: I assumed that needed no introduction. My bad, I guess.

@Giratina: Depends on the team, tbh. Besides, in-game, nearly anything is fine :)
Sorry, I wasn't trying to be critical!
@Rex  What is the difference between ingame and competitive? The wording of those two terms make zero sense, because the GAME is competitive! It is literally a game, where the point is (drum roll please!)........... to battle other things!
I think it makes perfect sense. "Competitive" play is when you are playing against another person (not a computer in the game), usually to get a place on a leaderboard or win an actual competition like VGC. In this context, it typically also denotes properly bred and EV trained Pokemon and often Smogon.com's tiers and rules as well. (Smogon rules /aren't/ usually played in-game, instead on the online battle simulator Pokemon Showdown, so there's a distinction between the two.) In-game isn't as "competitive" as you suggest, because you aren't competing against anything; you're playing a game and progressing a storyline, not trying to earn distinction in a competitive ladder or competition, if that makes any sense. This is very common terminology, so even if you don't think it's accurate, it's the most commonly accepted way of separating the main storyline ("in-game" play) and player vs player competition ("competitive" play).
Please excuse my answering for Rex, I wanted that to be said.