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I have a team of a lvl 43 Toucannon, a lvl 43 smeargle, a lvl 46 decidueye, a lvl 40 Oranguru, a lvl 40 Gyarados and a lvl 36 umbreon. I would appreciate tips on how to beat Guzma at aether paridise with my team. Also in the pc I have a lvl 37 zygarde 10 %

keep battling him until you win
Also Toucannon isn't a very strong Pokemon, and having 2 flying Pokemon and 3 normal Pokemon on the same team is probably not a good idea. I think you should stop using Toucannon. You can replace it with a Magnemite, as Guzma has 2 Pokemon that are weak to electric.
smeargle is also terribly useless due to its stats.

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Guzma speacializes in bug Pokemon.
When you battle Guzma at Aether paradise, he'll have a team consisting of his Golisopod, Ariados, Masquerain and Pinsir. Bug types are weak against Flying, Fire and Rock types; so your Toucannon and Gyarados would be great in this situation. Make sure you have a decently strong flying move; and you'll be fine.
The Gyarados you have can also do some decent damage, but keep in mind that Guzma's Golisopod is a water type too.
I strongly suggest to keep your Decidueye/Oranguru/Umbreon away from this battle, since bug is super effective against grass/physic/dark types. I don't know the smeargle's movesets, but I'm sure it can manage some damage too.
If you truly need to, you can switch one of the Pokemon I just said with Zygarde just for this battle, since Zygarde is a ground/dragon type.

Decidueye is safe because he's part ghost and ghost resists bug.