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Ugh I've been having trouble with his Golisopod since I first faced him, I know my team (Primarina, Lurantis, Tsareena, Alolan Raichu, Ribombee, and Salazle) is not a good team to go up against his Golisopod, but I've beaten him before. This time I lost to him. Should I change anyone on my team? Or should I do something else?

because you have tsareena I suggest replacing lurantis, who has overall worse stats
Are you're Pokémon EV trained? I've never had trouble with an in-game trainer before, regardless of my team. I mean, except in like, fan- made games and hacks ha. That's deft weird.
It was a while ago,  but I thk it was my zard's flamethrower than one-hit KO'd his golisopod every time.

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Guzma's team consists of his signature Pokémon, Golisopod, along with Masquerain, Pinsir, and Ariados.
All but 1 are weak to Fire (Those being not Golisopod), but all of them are weak to Flying and Rock. Try using a Flying or Rock type Pokémon, like Lycanroc or Toucannon. I've beaten him with only my Incineroar, of course I used Darkest Lariat on his Golisopod so I wouldn't get attacked by it, and I used Flamethrower on the rest of his team.

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