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Ok so I've tried like a hundred times and I suck. This is the first Pokemon games I've played so my statagy is trash. In my party rn I have: Umbreon (lv 40) Incineroar (lv 38) Inkay (lv 30) Haunter (lv 29) Pelipper (lv 31) and Ekans (lv 21) any help would be appreciated thanks.

I used sinister arrow raid and ohkoed mimikyu.
My decidueye was lvl 40.
Also, consider not keeping too many dark types in your team (you have three). Both bad for in-game and especially play rough mimikyu.
Consider evolving your inkay
I beat it, so all good
I used Decidueye too.
I used Mewtwo.

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Lead with Inkay and use Topsy-Turvy to reverse Mimikyu’s stat gain from being totem. Wait for Inkay to die and then switch to Incineroar. Spam X Attacks on Incineroar and then use Darkest Lariat. Another option is to lead with Umbreon and confuse Mimikyu with Confuse Ray or use Baby Doll Eyes, or any annoyer moves like Sand Attack you might have. When all else fails, grind up Incineroar on random Pokémon.

I don't have any of those moves...
Then teach those moves.
Why doesn't Incineraor know Darkest Lariat?
I have no idea?
Hmmmm, Incineroar leans Darkest Lariat when it evolves. Did you teach it the move? If not, then maybe do what sumwun said.
You should use toxic and protect.
I guess that works but Mimikyu might sweep your whole team before you die to Toxic damage.
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Get a Magnemite. Grind it until it learns flash cannon, and then let it evolve. Fight the Mimikyu. Spam flash cannon.

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Alternatively to the Inkay strategy, if your Ekans has Intimidate, you can constantly switch it on/out to abuse the Attack decrease till Mimikyu can't deal considerable damage.

Also if you have Incinium Z (which you should have) make sure to use it once for Mimikyu as it will deal considerable damage.

He said he didn’t have Darkest Lariat (Idk how tf that happened lmao)
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Replace Ekans with a Togedermaru, which you can get on Blush Mountain. Keep surfing until you get 8 BP and, on Ula Ula Beach, teach Togedemaru Iron Head and give it the Steelium Z. Use Z powered Iron Head on Mimikyu and keep using Iron Head. Also, a helpful tip for defeating totems: First defeat the totem, then the ally.
If you don't want to get a whole new Pokemon, then evolve Inkay, since you are ready to. You can evolve Inkay by leveling it up while holding your system upside down.
You also have a lot of Dark types, so you should take out one or two. On top of that, Haunter will only evolve if you trade it to someone else, so maybe don't use it, either.

EDIT: I know lots of people think Togedemaru is bad, but it is actually very good if you have this moveset:
Zing Zap, Iron Head, Spiky Shield, random physical or status move.

Hope I helped!

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Why should he use Togedemaru when Magneton is better?
Togedemaru beats magneton in speed whcih is very important, has more hp, and has higher sp. defense.  i feel that most of the pokemon(in USUM) are more sp. instead of physical so sp. defense is pretty important
Also not rly important, bu it is so cut in pokemon amie!
Anyone can overlevel any Pokemon and beat the game with that. The thing that makes Magneton and Magnezone better than Togedemaru is better special attack, which lets Magnezone beat the game faster than Togedemaru can. They both resist just about everything, so the HP and defense stats matter less.