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My team is Whiscash (level 57) Deciedyue (level 52 and yes I know I didn’t spell that right) Bruxish (level 48) Alolan graveler (level 46) torkoal (level 44) and fearow that I just put in but doesn’t help at all (level 36)

I had trouble last time but now I just cannot get through him, I know my team is inherently bad for guzma but I don’t know what to do at this point I’ve battled him so many times and can’t figure it out


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Your team is very solidly levelled, except for that Fearow, which likely won't be too much help. You could use it as fodder while you heal other team members, but that's about it.

First up: Golisopod. It'll start with First Impression, so don't lead with Decidueye or Bruxish. Whiscash is so overlevelled that it could probably tank a First Impression, then take out the Golisopod with ease. Another option is your Alolan Graveler. Get an Eviolite from Konikoni City to boost its defenses, then wipe the floor with Golispod with a super effective Electric move. But be warned -- Golisopod packs Razor Shell.

The Masquerain shouldn't be a threat at all, blast it away with Alolan Graveler's Rock moves. If that somehow fails, Torkoal could likely do the job nicely.

Pinsir can also be dealt with easily. Use Alolan Graveler or Torkoal again to take it out, but be warned of its Storm Throw and Stone Edge.

For Vikavolt, take the same strategy as the others. Use Torkoal and Alolan Graveler with their super effective moves, with Whiscash as backup.

In conclusion, you should grab the Eviolite from Konikoni City, put it on Alolan Graveler, and use it and Torkoal to take down Guzma. Whiscash can be backup, Fearow as healing fodder, and Decidueye and Bruxish should be kept out of the battle.

Hope I helped!

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If you have Isle Evelup developed, you can level up your Pokemon that way with minimal effort. It takes a bit, though.

I would still say that Alolan Graveler with Eviolite is the way to go, I'm not sure how you got OHKOed with that setup. Whiscash outspeeds Vikavolt, right? You should theoretically be able to fire off one attack before it goes down to Energy Ball. Switch into Alolan Graveler from that point, finish it off. If he sends out Golisopod, switch to Bruxish, revive Whiscash when Golisopod uses First Impression. Bring Whiscash in, take down Golisopod. If Pinsir comes out, just beat it up with Whiscash as much as you can before it goes down. If Pinsir wasn't KOed by Whiscash, finish it with Graveler or Torkoal. When Masquerain comes out, use Graveler's Rock Z-move.

Does that work?
I can’t use gravelers z move cause I already have the eviolite on him. I could use torkoals though
Oh right, duh. Oops. Yes, I would say put a Firium Z on Torkoal, you should probably use it on Pinsir.
So first I did the normal stuff: whiscash with thrash so golisopod would get emergency exited. He hit himself in confusion but I got thorough vikavolt. Honestly I don’t remember all the details cause I was so stressed and excited.
Also: I didn’t know I could use revives during battles. They weren’t in the green health thingy so I thought they weren’t usable during them. I ran out of normal revives but I had 5 max revives stacked up from hau and stuff so I used a bunch of them, landed a z-move on masquarein and got down to his golispod. He blasted through graveler so I switched to torkoal when he was in the red. I wasn’t sure if he outspeeded him so revived whiscash just to be sure and it WORKED HE OUTSPEEDED HIM OHHHHH YEA THANK YOU SO MUCH
You're welcome, happy to help!