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I have tried over and over again but I can't even defeat his maquerain and golissopod. My team consists of lvl 40 poliwrath lvl 34 decidueye lvl 34 ariados lvl 35 haunter lvl 35 10% zygarde and level 36 mimikyu

Just put a rock type move on zygarde and then use that to sweep through his team. Protect may also be useful from Golisopods first impression.

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I can think of a few things that might help:

  • Teach Zygarde Stone Edge or Rock Slide via TM for use against Masquarain and Golisopod
  • Level up your Pokemon (if you can get at least five to ten levels higher than his Pokemon, you'll have a pretty decent chance of winning)
  • Use a super effective Z-Move, like the Rock type Continental Crush
  • Note that Rock type moves are 2x effective on Golisopod and 4x effective on Masquerain
  • Note that Electric and Flying type attacks are 2x effective against these two Pokémon as well
  • Be wary of Golisopod's Emergency Exit. You may want to prepare by using a Pokémon with moves that are super effective against both Golisopod and Masquerain, just in case he switches out (I'd recommend Rock type moves)
  • This isn't really relevant to defeating Golisopod or Masquerain, but Ariados and Haunter don't have very good stats. I'd switch them out at some point, if you get stronger Pokémon.
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You can replace Poliwrath with a swift swim Wingull. By the time it reaches level 33, it should already have drizzle, air cutter, and scald (TM55 is at Brooklet Hill). Drizzle-boosted scald is good.

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