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I been playing through Sun a second time and unlike my first save, I have been focusing much of my attention to filling the pokedex. Beacuse of this I haven't really bothered spending time to catch and train a full team. It takes longer than it would for most as I like to have perfect Nature and EVs, and therefore I only got two pokemom: Tsareena and Incineroar.

Now my problem is that I feel like I atleast need a good special attacker with a bit more that average speed aswell. But I cant decide which Pokemon I should use, altough I have considered the following: Espeon, Raichu (alolan) and Milotic (even though it doesn't have great speed).

I not sure if it's to much to ask, but I would very much enjoy a couple of opinions of what Pokemon I could use. And even though I am sure I'm asking to much now, maybe even give me a recommended list of moves, nature and EVs?

Please :)

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According to this ( http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/sun-moon-in-game-tier-list.3587886/ ), the best special attackers are Wingull and Magnemite.
how about alakazam or gardevoir?
I have no friends who play this game so I cant trade really. And Gardevoir isn't in the game.

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Hey lil' Gible XD
Im sure you have the answers you need and are fine as is but I'm sure you wouldn't mind another lil' suggestion !
Here is the Moveset I have on my Alolan Raichu! Hope it helps :) He really is a great Pokemon when you look into it!

Alolan Raichu

Ability: Surge Surfer
EVs:252 Sp.A, 252 Speed, 4 Def
Modest Nature (+Sp.A, -Atk)
-Electric Terrain
-Hidden Power (Ice)

Electric Terrain, Helps Raichu in so many ways and angles. Not only does it power up its Thunderbolt, but it also doubles your speed. Pokemon that out speed may now be much slower than you and thats when you go for a massive hit on the Pokemon. Focus sash also allows it to survive a single turn to set up that electric terrain and attack afterwards. However raichu is vulnerable to priority moves like a simple bullet punch from a metagross or a lucario or even a multi hit move from Alolan Marowak and etc. And also Fake out!

Thunderbolt Gains STAB, Electric Terrain boost, and just great power in all.

Hidden Power (Ice), Great Coverage against ground, grass, or dragon types who want to resist you.

Psychic, STAB and coverage

Things to look for: Alolan Marowak is a HUGE threat to this Pokemon. Not only does it have a ground multi-hit move, but all your moves have either no effect cuz of marowak's lighting rod or resistance. Also you may want to look out for Pokemon that usually have priority moves like lycanroc or Mimikyu that can knock you out right after your focus sash is used.

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Your answer is more than welcome and I also have more than enough time to set this up. I quite look forward to trying this setup and thank you very much :)

EDIT: I'm also extremely flattered by your kind words on my profile <3
Aw thanks :P
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Okay here is a list I think is the best I got.

Sky form Shaymin: item: king's Rock.Ev training: 6 HP 252 speed 252 sp.attack.Nature: Timid.Move set: Air Slash (most important move), Energy Ball, Dazzling Gleam and Protect.

Jolteon: Item: Air Balloon.Ev training same as Shaymin.Nature: Timid.Move set: Thunder, Thunderbolt, Volt Switch and shadow ball.

Greninja: Item: Focus Sash.Ev training same as Shaymin.Nature: Timid.Move set: Ice beam, U-turn, Night Slash and Scald.

Gengar: Item: Focus-sash.Ev training: same for all Pokemons up.Nature: Timid too.Move set: Sucker Punch, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Destiny Bond.

Hope it helped.

I like the Shaymin and Jolteon ones so you did indeed. Thanks :)
Having three Electric moves on Jolteon isn't good. Seed Flare should always be run over Energy Ball. Dark Pulse and Sludge Bomb or Focus Blast over Night Slash and Sucker Punch respectively for Greninja and Gengar as they're running a timid nature and Gengar is not a physical attacker.
I agree with K1. Thunder is 70 % accuracy, don't even think about all the bad luck that occurs (to me, at least).
Try this Jolteon:
Jolteon @ Air Balloon  
Ability: Volt Absorb  
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe  
Timid Nature  
IVs: 30 HP / 31 Atk / 31 Def / 30 SpA / 31 SpD / 31 Spe
- Shadow Ball  
- Volt Switch  
- Fake Tears  
- Hidden Power [Grass]
To be honest I thin kthis set would be cool but maybe not, I haven't tried it yet.
I will. Thx
The Pokemon mentioned in this answer seem to be rare. There should be Pokemon that are almost as good as these and are much easier to get.
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I might as well post my own thoughts here. I think the best fast special attackers are Staryu and Salandit.

Name: Staryu
Availability: Staryu is available relatively early in the game because you can find it by fishing at Route 7 or at Hano Beach.
Stats: Staryu's Special Attack and Speed make it a relatively fast special attacker which is good this early in the game, although its other stats are quite medicore and it can be quite frail.
Typing: Staryu's single Water typing is good offensively and defensively as it can resist up to 4 types and take out the common Fire-, Ground-, and Rock-types. However, Staryu is weak to two quite common types: Electric and Grass.
Movepool: Staryu has a nice mix between powerful STAB moves and decent coverage which can hit unexpected targets in a case of backup. Its coverage includes Thunderbolt and Signal Beam which can hit other Water- and Psychic-types.
Major Battles: Staryu excels against the Fire trial, and against Olivia. It also does quite well against 2 of Hapu's Pokemon and takes out some Pokemon in other Elite Four Member's teams and can take out at least two of Kukui's Pokemon.
Additional Comments: Staryu is a great early special attacker and surfer which will benefit your team from the very start as it is fast and powerful, just be careful not to exploit its frailness as that can be taken advantage of.

This is probably the best moveset for in-game use. (replace natural cure and thunderbolt with analytic and rapid spin for competitive battles)
Starmie @ life orb
Ability: natural cure
EVs: 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid nature
-hydro pump
-ice beam

Availability: Early at Wela Volcano Park. However, only female Salandit can evolve and they are rare.
Stats: Salandit and Salazzle have great Speed and Special Attack. However, their defenses are fragile and their Attack is mediocre.
Typing: Poison/Fire hits most of the game for at least neutral damage. Defensively, Salandit has good resistances to Fighting, Fire, Grass and Bug, but has a crippling weakness to Ground and Water.
Movepool: Decent. Salandit comes with Smog and Ember; however, Venoshock can be bought as an upgrade on Smog in Konikoni City. Sludge Bomb is available on Ula'ula Island in Po Town and Sludge Wave can be bought in Seafolk Town. Salandit will have to make do with Flame Burst for most of the game as its best Fire-type level-up move comes late in the form of Flamethrower. However, Fire Blast can be bought as a replacement. Salazzle also gets Nasty Plot, Dragon Rage and Dragon Pulse via level-up to aid its coverage. Firium Z can be used to boost Flame Burst's power.
Major Battles: Salandit can be used almost immediately vs. Totem Lurantis and the ally Castform's sun will boost its moves. Salandit loses to Olivia but can beat Totem Vikavolt and Mimikyu. Nanu is a neutral matchup due to his Krokorok. Salazzle loses to Hapu and struggles to damage Totem Kommo-o without a boost. Salazzle fears Lusamine's Milotic but can beat the rest of her Pokemon. Guzma's Golisopod can be threatening if it gets off an attack, but the rest of his team are fodder for Salazzle. Against the Elite Four, Salazzle loses to Olivia and Hala's Poliwrath and matches up neutrally against the rest. Salazzle can beat Kukui's Ninetales, Decidueye, and Magnezone but loses to everything else.
Additional Notes: Although this is slightly inefficient, using a male Pokemon with Cute Charm, such as Igglybuff from Route 4, can aid in finding female Salandit. Be ready for a slight drop in power after Akala Island as neither of its STAB moves are strong, but Sludge Bomb will remedy this.

This is probably the best moveset for in-game use.
Salazzle @ poisonium z
Abilty: corrosion
EVs: 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid nature
Hidden power type: ice
-nasty plot
-sludge wave
-fire blast
-hidden power

I feel like... It's raining answers! Hallelujah!

No, but thank you very much Sumwun, much appreciated <3 :)
Since there are so many suggestions now, I feel bad that I can't make them best answers. But I do appreciate them all just as much :)
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