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I found out with the missing no thing, you could get 999 masterballs/rare candies. Is there any way I could just get the 999 masterball/rare candies without encountering missing no?

Thanks in Advance, Sandstorm57102

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After you perform the Old Man Glitch you need to defeat run from or catch missingno to duplicate the 6th item in your bag. Once you have 255 throw out some until you get to having 127 of that item. Then you have to perform the old man glitch again until you have 255 of that item. Then you will need to toss all the items in the slot above it and the items you have 255 of will be moved into that slot, but also stay in the original place. Be cautious as doing this will make the last item in your bag act as the cancel button and doing it again makes the second to last act as the cancel button and so on and so forth. I know you still have to encounter missingno, but at least you don't have to encounter it every time you run out. Hope this helps. :)

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