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I have been at this all day and I'm starting to lose hope.

I have two Anticipation (male and female) Eevees in the daycare and I'm trying for a female timid eevee and I haven't even gotten a timid nature eevee at all. In order to get an anticipation eevee, should I just keep at it and hope I get a timid female or is there anything I can do to effect the outcome?


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I'm assuming that neither of the parents has Timid Nature. In that case, keep at what you're doing, eventually you'll get a Timid Eevee. The chances are pretty thin though, (1 in 25, or about 4%), so you'll have to be patient.

Also, if you do get a Male Timid Eevee by any chance, just give it an Everstone and breed with it to get a Female Eevee.

An easier method might be to breed your Female Eevee with another male Pokemon of the Field Egg group which has a Timid nature. Attach an Everstone to this Pokemon. Females have a good chance to pass down Hidden Abilities, so one different Pokemon shouldn't make much of a difference.

Hope I helped!

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