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Which items should I give my party?

Lucario, mixed sweeper,
Gengar, special sweeper,
Garchomp, psychical sweeper
Vaporeon, special tank,
Altaria, tank\wall
Ninetales, don't know what I'm doing with her.

Please don't say mega evolution stones, I'll choose which one gets that later.


1 Answer

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Lucario - Life Orb
Gengar - Scarf/Black sludge if WoW/hex/substitute/disable
Garchomp - Life Orb/Leftovers
Vaporeon - leftovers
Altaria - leftovers
Ninetales - heat rock if you want sun to last longer/leftovers for recovery/Life Orb for damage but to not get locked/Choice Specs for an ultra powerful FB.

Hope I helped.