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It has Levitate as its ability, but the game showed that gastly was affected. Is this a glitch?

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Which game? (filler)
the game was a gen 4 game, Pokemon Diamond.

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If this was in a Gen IV game or beyond, the opposing Pokémon could have Mold Breaker which causes the Pokémon to ignore abilities. It also could have been a Kangaskhan with Scrappy. In Gen V it could be Zekrom or Reshiram with Terravolt or Turboflame, respectively

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I'm afraid Woonderwaffle's answer was only partially correct. Scrappy has no effect on ground attacks. If you were playing a game before generation III, there are no abilities, so Gastly would indeed be weak to ground. It could also be caused by gravity, smack down, ingrain, thousand arrows, entrainment, skill swap, gastro acid, worry seed, simple beam, or holding an iron ball.

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this was in gen 4, diamond
yea, cause a clefairy used gravity and it was in a double battle, and the other trainer used a hippotas, and its earthquake hit gastly. Thanks!