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While playing through the re-release of Pokemon Red. I performed the Old Man Glitch. Afterwards I accessed the Pokemon League site wile at the Pokemon Center at Cinnabar Island and found the glitch files as usual. Once I exited the site a slowed down track of Cinnibar Island theme started playing. I have never encountered this before and was wondering if this had happened to anyone else. The music stopped after I had exited the Pokemon Center. Is this caused by the Old Man Glitch? (Btw my player name is MrBones if this has anything to do with it.)

The affect you got is not a known one of the Old Man Glitch. Looking on the Glitch City Laboratory's and Bulbapedia. Unless you discovered a new glitch, this is simy a technical flaw

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Other effects:
If the final step is taken as the player jumps a ledge in an area with a fourth warp, when returning to that area, the player may be able to walk through walls. If it is made while the player is spinning, the player will always be spinning while walking, even if this occurs in an area from which it is impossible to enter Glitch City, such as Viridian City.
If the player has one Pokémon in the party that is poisoned, when it faints, the player will appear in front of a Pokémon Center. This makes areas such as Cerulean Cave and Indigo Plateau accessible earlier than normal. The glitch is deactivated once a building is entered.
Fishing or pressing the start button while in Glitch City to bring up the menu often changes the appearance of the glitched terrain. This is sometimes permanent for the remainder of the time spent in Glitch City, and will at times change all of the tiles into water tiles.

The glitch you encountered wasn't really a known one based on this website, unless it's a new one. Other wise, it's just a real gltich

Hope this helps!

These glitches are about Glitch City, which isn't the Old Man Glitch. This answer is incorrect.