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Is it? It really looks like it is.

Which statue are you even talking about? The one in the aquarium?
Maybe it is ;)

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Doubt it

I'm not quite sure why you think it's 'winking', but this picture isn't winking :

enter image description here

I just checked on my X game too and the Magikarp definitely has two open eyes.

Maybe it winks once every blue moon
Or at a certain time of day. It's probably just one of those little extra features they added, like the angle shifting when you heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon Center.
True, I've scored the internet and all but I honestly can't find a thing.
in that picture it is winking!
look at left eye.
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I'm sure it's not winking. As you walk around it, it's probably just the camera angle glitching up a bit. Maybe the pixels and tiny details are flickering as you walk by? But unless if it's just a little Easter egg, which it probably isn't, it's just a little camera glitch.