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I'm doing a special Frost-Rotom set, but I can't decide which moves to use.
Electroweb or Charge Beam?
Ominous Wind or Pain Split?

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Charge beam because the foe can nullify the speed decrease by switching out. Pain split because ominous wind sucks and doesn't heal you.
Re-showing this question because the Rotom-Frost moveset thread does not answer it appropriately. This is not asking for a moveset, only a comparison between a few moves.
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Charge beam and Pain split.

Charge beam
You are running a special rotom set and charge beam supports it more than electro web . Rotom is already fairly fast and if charge beam raises your sp.atk it can be like an extra chance to KO opponents thus increasing rotom's capabilities to survive . Mainly all electroweb does is lower speed but in the next turn you might end up letting your opponent KO rotom. And normally electroweb is used on the first turn , you wouldn't want your rotom down on the first turn.

Pain split
Everyone of us has experienced the moment in which it's up to your last Pokemon to defeat your opponent's last Pokemon , but at the moment you're in red health! You switched out that Pokemon so it wouldn't faint but all your other Pokemon fainted . Luckily , there's a recovery move! ( this is where pain split comes in ) You use pain split to your opponent who is in the yellow bar and you are ready to take at least a status condition . Your slower opponent tries to finish you with a status condition ( toxic , will-o-wisp ,etc. ) as they chose that move when you were still in red health . You live the effects after the turn ends and you were able to defeat that Pokemon using the strong moves rotom ( the Pokemon being described in the scenario ) had in store and you win the battle , thanks to pain split.

Hope this helps!