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What are all the moves that induce sleep and what are all the moves that only affect sleeping Pokémon?


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Ok, here we go:

Moves which have a primary effect of putting a Pokemon to sleep

Spore (100% Accuracy)
Dark Void (80%)
Sleep Powder (75%)
Lovely Kiss (75%)
Hypnosis (70% in D/P, 60% all other games)
Sing (55%)
Grass Whistle (55%)
Yawn (100%, target falls asleep next turn)
Rest (100%, heals user completely but the user falls asleep)

Moves which have a secondary effect of putting a Pokemon to sleep
Relic Song (10%)
Secret Power (30%, but only if used in very tall grass, regular tall grass prior to Gen V, and the Waterfall and Sunny Park Colosseums of Pokemon Battle Revolution)

Moves which only work if the target/user is asleep
Dream Eater (100% accuracy, 100 base damage, and heals back 50% of the damage the target sustained if the target is asleep)
Nightmare (100% accuracy, deals 1/4 of the targets HP as long as it's asleep)
Snore (100&% accuracy, and deals 50 damage. The target has a 30% chance of flinching once hit)
Sleep Talk (Randomly chooses one of the users moves other than Sleep Talk and uses it)
Wake Up Slap (100% accuracy, and 70 base damage. The power is doubled if used on a sleeping target, and the target will wake up once hit)

Source: http://www.dragonflycave.com/status.aspx

Hope I helped!

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Thanks a lot! Also, it's great that you put them in order of accuracy and Primary as nd Secondary effect. This really did help.
No problem, glad I could help!
In Gen 8, G-Max Snooze works like Yawn, and G-Max Befuddle has a chance to put the opponent to sleep.