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I play Pokemon X, and am trying to get a HA Krookodile. I tried getting a HA ditto, because if you breed a HA ditto with a Pokemon, the Pokemon in the egg will have a 60% chance of having Hidden Ability. I also tried ability capsule, but no luck. I really need some help.

I don't know if I should try just catching one. I know what route they're on, but I don't know...

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I also tried to breed it with a HA Blaziken, but the sandiles I got only had ability "Intimidate".

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The only way to get a HA Sandile in Pokemon XY is by searching for it in the Friend Safari. You can't get a HA Ditto and breed that with a Sandile/Krookodile/Krokorok to get a HA Sandile egg.

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Unfortunately you have received false information. It does not matter if the Ditto has its HA, instead it's the other parent Pokémon that must have its HA. You will never get a Hidden Ability anything unless the non-Ditto parent Pokémon has its HA. Ability Capsule also cannot change a Pokémon's ability from its regular ability to its Hidden Ability.

Sorry :(

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