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So I wanted to use ability capsule to get things like Solar Power Charizard, Contrary Serperior, Regen Ho-oh, and other stuff but ability capsule doesn't work for HAs. So how do I get HAs for those kinds of mons. Were they an event of some sort (or am I just incredibly stupid and don't know those didn't exist.)

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Depends on the Game, if your talking just ORAS, then no, you can't get any, but if you have XY, which is the same gen as ORAS, you can get the Kanto and Kalos HA Starters in the Friend Safari, then trade them over if you want. As for the others, they were all in events that passed a long time ago. For Legendaries, I'm pretty sure it's impossible, as all the non-mirage legends(Weather Trio, and Deoxys) don't have HAs and I'm 99% sure that legends in a Mirage Place(can't remember the name of them)are set legends, and you can't get them with HAs. This is also true for the Regi Trio's HAs.
Source: Questions on this site regarding starter HA info, and looking through the legendary pages of Hoenn Legends, and Experience playing ORAS. Also this. So, with this added info,

So to recap:
I'm 100% sure the only HA starters/legends you can get, in the games you suggested, are the Kanto and Kalos Starters in the XY Friend Safari, and no legendary HAs.

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Also, I just checked the Legends page in Serebii, and it didn't say anything about a way to get HAs for those Legends, and had set abilities in their descriptions. This is what I'm talking about: https://www.serebii.net/omegarubyalphasapphire/legendary.shtml
Well dang that suks. R.I.P. Shiny regen Ho-oh...