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Hi There

I recently purchased an Espeon Gold star and was just wondering the following:
Is the actual gold star foil or just gold colour?
Is the star down the bottom right corner supposed to be foil or just a goldish colour?

I know this card is one of the two gold stars (along with Umbreon) to not be a foil but I'm just not sure are re the above and am just trying to confirm if I have bought a fake or not.

Thanks for you help!

Can you supply me with a picture of your card?

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The gold star is just a goldish color.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AGInEchass

I prefer you watch that video and check for yourself since the guy in the video shakes the card around a lot, but I can kind of tell that the star is not holographic/shiny.

I actually own a Pikachu star and a Vaporeon star, and both stars on both cards are indeed holographic.
Luna, it's because the card is holographic too, the Espeon card is non-holographic, like literally.
Oh. Sorry I read it wrong