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I Just traded for Volcanion
OT has a Japanese name
holds rare candy
Attack 162
Defense 195
sp.atk 277
sp.def 152
speed 124
HP 257
LV 70
Nature Modest
Date Met: today of trade
Where Pokemon movie 16
Level met 70
Note Apparently a fateful encounter
Characteristic Takes plenty of siestas

The thing that worries me is it has no ribbon and I assumed he/she was supposed to come with one.

wait we can get volcanion now?
Yes, but it's a Japan only event as far as I know

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Everything about your Volcanion is legit excluding the fact that it has no ribbon. There is currently no way to get a Volcanion without a Wishing Ribbon unless it is hacked.

Hope this helps!


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Yeah looks legit with all event features... You mean Rage Candy Bar right? And it is legit, maybe the person must have taken the ribbon before trading it to you.

You can't take ribbons off of Pokemon
Yeah you can't... Anyways the Pokemon guys can tell if a pokemon is hacked or not. If it is hacked then you can get in serious trouble. The Pokemon Company doesn't seem to like hackers.