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I am trying to get a pokemon by trading but I don't know how


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It seems that you are new in pokemon. Good luck in breeding them:D
Well, you can trade with the wireless comunication with a friend, just by entering to the wireless club union room in the top left inside a pokemon center.
Also you can trade via wi-fi but you need to fix your connection to internet. (You can do this by going to system setings->internet at your DSi menu).

You forgot GTS xD
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Well, in each Pokemon centre there is a girl who allows you to go to the union room. here you can communicate with other trainers and battle/trade if youd like.

To Trade, talk to the other trainer using whoever you want. Select Trade and Simply choose "COMFIRM" when you are happy to trade the selected Pokemon.

You can put up 3 Pokemon to choose from for trade in Black and White, and you can trade Pokemon from your PC too.

Trading is quite easy, but take note you cant trade Pokemon from further generations (When new Pokemon come out), for example Diamond to Pearl wont work (the trainers wont appear in eachoters union rooms).

Also, trading over the Internet is possible, but you need WI-Fi and have to be lucky to find somone playing Pokemon... :( , but you can organize trades with oter members here: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/515/what-is-your-friend-code . Post you friend code and organise in comments or in chat - http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/chat )

Hope this helps you trade and good luck!!

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