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I'm hoping to set up a seed block (leech seed and swap into shadow tag). I want to make sure my blocker comes out before my opponent swaps out to shake off leech seed. Also, if any one can give me better tags for this question, I would appreciate that, too.

As far as I know, the only way to ensure this works is to have your Seeder also know Mean Look.  Mean Look would trap the enemy Pokemon for as long as the user is on the field.  Even on the turn you switch to your Shadow Tag Pokemon, your opponent would be unable to perform the switch.  Th e only Pokemon capable of learning both moves is the Snivy line.

Addressing your specific concern....  I THINK it occurs in Speed order.  The faster Pokemon would be switched first.  However, I don't think Shadow Tag comes into effect on the turn of the switch, but rather is applied between turns.

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I've tested it out hereand it seems that the faster Pokemon switches out first. This could be just random chance that Gothetelle (The faster Pokemon, in this situation) switched out first, but I doubt it.

Hope this helps!

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Probably not relevant to you, but...

Another mechanic worthy of note in ADV is 'switch-priority'. In the cartridge, when a link battle begins, the person who acts as player 1 gains switch priority over player 2. To put this in layman's terms, player 2's switch-ins are always performed second.

Also this has been mentioned, but please note that shadow tag doesn't work if the opponent already decided to switch out. You can't switch before the opponent makes a decision.