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Kangaskhan has the Ability Scrappy, But its Ability when it is Mega is Parental Bond.
Is Parental Bond added to Scrappy, or does it replace it?

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It Replaces

When A Pokemon such as Kangaskan Mega Evolves Their old ability is replaced by a new one. The old ability is completely negated of all its effects and the new Ablity in this case Parental Bond is the new Ablity. If this was a thing it would be totally cool. Charizard Y with Solar Power and Drought at the same time would just be a dominating force. But I guess it would be confusing with Mega Rayquaza causing weather and yet making it go away...............


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Mega Pokemon do not use the ability of their non mega form combined with their new ability. (If they have one.) So, Parental Bond replaces Scrappy.

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