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I need some help in breeding perfect ivs. I have perfect iv dittos but wonder how to send them to my poke. I've tried many time but only get perfect iv on 4 stats sometimes 3. Though my Pokemon performance doesn't dissapoint in competitive battling, I'll still like to have perfect iv pokes to use in battle.


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Step 1: Give 6IV Ditto Destiny Knot and breed it with your desired Pokemon
Step 2: Breed the Pokemon that breeded with a Ditto, give it a Destiny Knot, then Breed it with that selfsame 6IV Ditto
Step 3: Keep doing Step 2 until you have a 6IV version of your desired Pokemon.

You can check the Pokemon's IVs at the Judge. In ORAS, he is in the Battle Resort Poke Center, and in XY, he is in the Kiloude City Poke Center.

In Gen III, he is behind the Battle Frontier Poke Center, in Gen IV, he is in the Battle Tower, next to the PC, and in Gen V, he is in the Gear Station after you reach the Hall of Fame.

Hope I helped :P

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In order to pass down IVs, a parent has to be holding a Power Item (any of the ones that boost EV gain in a stat) to pass down that specific IV


Have one hold a Destint Knot. This will take 5 IVs between the two parents and transfer them down without fail, but you will have to check to see which ones they are.