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I don't know why people think hacked Pokemon are under valued., I was trading my hoopa for a lv100 latos and the guy said that if it was hacked, it would "decresse the value" I don't know how to hack, nor did I know if it was hacked, but I don't see why it decreeses the value. I'm a casual player so I can't see why.


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Hacking is just generally frowned upon by most of the community. Cheating is, well, cheating. And nobody likes it (except really extreme cheaters). It's like if you won a trophy for winning a tournament but you didn't even win, and didn't earn the trophy. It would give most people a feeling of dissatisfaction. So when people see an outrageous Pokemon (like shiny Rayquaza), they're skeptical of its legitimacy.

Honestly I see no difference between event Pokemon with special moves and hacked Pokemon with special moves and that mimic events. The only difference is that one is official. Otherwise, they're both identical. In fact, whenever I get an event Pokemon, I feel a similar feeling of dissatisfaction knowing that I didn't do anything for that event. I didn't even have to go anywhere, all I had to do was open up my 3DS and select Mystery Gift.

Anyway, hacked Pokemon are counterfeit and pretty much disliked. It's understandable. It's like receiving a really special prize for doing nothing. That's pretty much the reason everyone hates them.

Also they're banned from official tournaments, so if you get caught playing with one you're disqualified.

Hope I helped you understand it a bit more :)

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I agree, with the event Pokemon being gifted dissatisfaction and the pointlessness of just hacking in a Pokemon rather than working for it.
There is another reason- nobody legitimately trying to complete the pokedex wants a hacked Pokemon, ever.
Granted, working on the pokedex was difficult, but I actually completed it in Diamond. Then, when I tried transferring up to W2, several Pokemon, including my Shaymin I got by trading a legit shiny Riolu for, turned out to be hacks. It was infuriating.