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-it is a pedometer
-it uses CR2015 - CR2032 battery
-it has two back covers, one for being hanged, the second is normal

-each 20 steps are worth 1 Watt
-DowsingMachine costs 3 Watts per use
-PokéRadar costs 10 Watts per use
-you can get items and Pokémon according to steps you took on that day
-you can get only 3 Pokémon at a time
-you can hold only 3 items and 3 Pokémon at a time
-you have 2 from 6 chance of finfing an item when using DowsingMachine
-the more "!" appear while PokéRadar-ing, the more rare Pokémon appears
-when it DowsingMachine says "It is near...", item is next to grass patch you just tried
-you may check road you're just on, your name and steps taken to date

-there are 9 different shadings
-there are 2 volumes + mute option

-when you have no Pokémon, a Pokémon will join you
-each road has 3 types that makes...WHAT?

So, my question is, what makes last point :D :D :D


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Nothing...its just 3 types of pokemon that you can find while on that route/path.