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I know of two, just wondering how many others there are. The two I know are Drifloon with defog (gen IV HM) and Geodude with mega punch (gen III tutor), although this can be obtained with dexnav. As dexnav egg moves are still egg moves, please count those in the list.

I'm going to have to count out sketch, too. So Seedot and Defog count
basically almost every pokemon... there's too many to even name
You must recognize that there was a serious overhaul of many pokemon's movesets between Advance and DS games due to the switch between type of move and individual moves themselves determining which stats did what, and that's why practically every Pokemon from gen 1-3 and many from 4 has an egg move only from another generation. A list would be lengthy and impractical... Take your pick based on personal preference and research back. This database is the best on the web for doing that kind of thing, so at least you're in the right place.

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43 Pokemon Total. Although some Pokemon learn more than one older game egg move, so some will repeat in this list. Huge credit to those working in Serebii, GameFAQs, and NuggetBridge (Source).

Moves : Pokemon

  • Air Cutter: Charmander
  • Ally Switch: Archen, Krabby, Natu, Ralts, Yamask
  • Avalanche: Shellder
  • Captivate: Gothita, Sableye, Smoochum
  • Defense Curl: Bagon
  • Defog: Drifloon, Scyther
  • Drain Punch: Ledyba, Shroomish
  • Drill Run: Karrablast
  • Earth Power: Barboach, Deino
  • Endure: Skarmory
  • Extreme Speed: Dratini
  • Focus Punch: Geodude, Heracross, Ledyba
  • Foul Play: Spiritomb
  • Giga Drain: Zubat
  • Heat Wave: Litwick, Slugma
  • Iron Tail: Skorupi
  • Magnet Rise: Amaura
  • Mega Punch: Geodude
  • Natural Gift: Vanillite
  • Outrage: Noibat
  • Secret Power: Drowzee, Meditite, Oddish, Solosis, Venonat, Yanma
  • Self-Destruct: Munchlax
  • Shock Wave: Chinchou, Stunfisk
  • Skill Swap: Abra, Drowzee, Elgyem, Exeggcute, Natu, Sigilyph, Venonat
  • Snatch: Fletchling, Noibat
  • Stealth Rock: Lileep, Pawniard, Skarmory
  • Tailwind: Drifloon
  • Water Pulse: Vanillite
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This appears to only be accurate up to X/Y, as Skill Swap and water pulse are tutor moves (amongst others) but this is a very good start, thank you very much