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I'm confused about this. For e.g I'm trying to breed a Sneasel with both Ice Shard and Ice Punch. So I breed a male swinub/glaceon with Ice shard and a female Sneasel, then how do I go about this? I have no idea how to get both the moves on a male Sneasel, it seems impossible. Is it even possible through breeding?


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If you want to get a Sneasel with both egg moves, find a Pokemon that has the same egg group as the Sneasel which is a male that has your egg moves that you want, and then breed them together. The Sneasel must be a male so as to breed with the female Pokemon. You should be able to get a Sneasel with the egg moves you want on the very 1st Egg. If not you are doing something wrong.

But if the female Pokemon only has 1 egg move (for e.g. A swinub/glaceon has only ice shard) that you desire to have, then find another Female same egg group Pokemon that has the other egg moves (Ice Punch) that is in the same egg group

If I made it confusing, then go here


Sadly, there are no Pokemon that can learn Ice Punch via levelling up that is in the same egg group as Sneasel. So it could be hard to breed a Sneasel for Ice Punch. HOWEVER, in Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, you can learn Ice Punch via Tutoring, which I think might be the Battle Frontier.
You are doing it correctly trying to get a Ice Shard egg move for your Sneasel. After you get your Almost perfect Pokemon which does not have the Ice Punch, get it tutored.

Hope I helped, if not slap me in the face. XD

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all breeding unless using ditto as the female results in the baby being what the female pokemon is
What I'm finding confusing is ending up with both those moves on the same sneasel. Like breed ice punch male bunneary/loppuny with female sneasel for an offspring sneasel with ice punch. Breed ice shard male swinub/glaceon with a female sneasel for an offspring sneasel with ice shard. But how to get both of those moves on a single sneasel? Note that the sneasel thing was just an example lol I was talking about Pokemon in general with the question. I'm confused lol Sorry I've always been a casual PKMN fan, never tried breeding and all.
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It is possible. Also you can go to a mover tutor in the battle resort to teach the sneaker ice punch. However you would have to level up a hitmonchan, breed it with a female lucario, then evolve the riolu and mate it with the female sneasel. This way takes much longer.

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lol THanks for the move tutor heads up. I'll try that since this is confusing XD
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YES! After lotsa' research I found that Delibird can learn Ice Shard, Ice Punch, and is in the field egg group. Here's how #1: get said Delibird to learn both Ice moves via level-up HAS TO BE MALE
#2: Get female Sneasel. #3: INTO DA DAYCARE. P.S. I'm very, super, ultra sorry if this doesn't work, I don't have a full understanding of Egg Moves either. P.P.S. Hope this helped!
-PikaPi 3.14

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lol Thanks anyway.
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Smeargle can Sketch Ice Punch and pass I'd down to Sneasel.
• Get a Male Smeargle

•Make it Sketch Ice Punch

•Put in the Daycare with a female Sneasel/Weavile.

•There should hatch a Sneasel with Ice Punch.


Lopunny can get Ice Punch by a male Medicham with Ice Punch and a female Lopunny

Hatch a male Buneary with Ice Punch evolve to Lopbunny and vreed it with a female Sneasel/Weavile.
Hopefully you'll get it soon :D

Ice Shard

Breeding isn't the only way to get Ice Shard. Sneasel learns this move via level up !
It learns it at lv 47 (ORAS and XY)
But a Swinub/Glaceon like you said with Ice Shard will get you it

The best way to get both moves is via Smeargle as it can learn both moves

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Sneasel can learn ice shard? I swear when I checked bulbapedia it said otherwise, weird lol But my question was regarding egg moves in general, like "how to get two egg moves from different parents on a single pokemon of a species?" lol Thanks for your help.
Smeafgle with hoth Ice Shard and Ice Punch will do it