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Im asking, From all the Pokemon in Generation 2 (Gold, Silver, Crystal) is there any Pokemon that should be leveled up to a certain level, before they evolve(Including stone Pokemon like pikachu, growlithe, etc.)?

Since almost every Pokemon that evolves by leveling up past a certain level learns moves at lower levels than the Pokemon that they evolve into, this list would be impossibly long.

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As 'sumwun' said, it is almost all of them. The level in question is basically the level they learn the move you want. Most that evolve by stone learn very few moves after evolving, so they are more important, but many evolved Pokemon learn the same moves as their unevolved forms, just later. The question is down to which move do you want? If you had Pikachu and you wanted thunder by level up (remember TM's are one use back then) then you would wait until level 41 in gen II. For Pokemon that can still learn the same moves, just later, it is a choice of higher stats of the evolved form versus getting a move a few levels earlier. Cyndaquil learns flamethrower at level 46, but Typhlosion won't learn it until level 60, the trade off is the higher stats for an evolved Pokemon. Here is the link for gen II
and although you state gen II here is gen I if you need it
So to sumerise, it's based on which moves you want and how powerful you want you Pokemon to be