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Follow up question.

It says “it looks sort of Happy.” Where would that be on the happiness scale? (+ the others please)


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Goldenrod City rater:

"It looks really happy! It must love you a lot." 250-255 friendship
"I get the feeling that it really trusts you." 200-249 friendship
"It's friendly toward you. It looks sort of happy." 150-199 friendship
"It's quite cute." 100-149 friendship
"You should treat it better. It's not used to you." 50-99 friendship
"It doesn't seem to like you at all. It looks mean." 0-49 friendship

Goldenrod Department Store rater (Sunday only)

"It's very attached to you. This move should be perfect for a pair like you." 150-255 friendship
"It's adorable! You should teach it good TM moves." 50-149 friendship
"It looks evil. How about this TM for it?" 0-49 friendship

Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Friendship

These are for GSC, they don't change in C. I hope I've helped!