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So I heard that the cartridge can be corrupted to the point that you can't fix it and you can't play anymore. I'm worried because a friend of mine suggested me to clone Pokemon with him, and so I did. I was wondering if that could have damaged the cartridge, and if there are any other ways that can affect the cartridge.
Thank you in advance!

Depending on the version, your game may automatically back itself up, so it will sually restore itself from the last save if it got corrupted.
Cloning can't damage the cartridge, iirc.
To be honest very little can "destroy" a cartridge. Seriously. MissingNO? Completely harmless. M? Completely harmless. Cloning? Completely harmless. Using the glitch item 8F with the move Super Glitch to recode RBY? Hehe, I like you, but this will completely destroy your cartridge
I was so worried, thanks guys!

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Corrupting the actual data and game files on a cartridge through digital means such as cloning is almost impossible. Game data (but not the save file) is stored on cartridges as "read-only memory". This means that the game files cannot be modified, only run by the system. This makes them basically impervious to any possible modification or exploitation that can be done with save files, such as cloning. This is incredibly secure -- not even eShop updates to the game can modify the game ROM. Updates are instead stored on the SD card and run when the game is opened; this is why you'll need to install an update again if you use an SD card that doesn't have the update on it. The only thing that can be overwritten in the game cartridge is the small amount of flash memory used to store save files, which is at risk of damage if you use cloning or other exploits and glitches.

So your cartridge and the game data itself is at no risk if you use cloning exploits, but there are absolutely no guarantees that your save file won't be corrupted in the process. The only way your cartridge can be damaged besides through potential "hacks" is by physical means.

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Can't a game be rendered UNPLAYABLE if the game is thrown against something hard like a steel wall? I DIDN'T DO THAT, I just saw it on a creepypasta
That's what I mean by "physical means". If doing that damages the cartridge's insides, it may be made unusable.
Thank you so much!!!