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Alright I would like to know if anybody has got an idea how to get a pineco to learn stealth rock and toxic spikes through breeding. I know that to get either of these moves I need to brew my foretress with a dwebble for the stealth rock and a beedrill for the toxic spikes but this is where I get stumped. So does anybody have a solution to my problem the only thing I could think of was a foretress that already knows toxic spike. Thanks for the help

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Don't bother breeding Toxic Spikes onto it! According to Forretresse's moveset page, you can remember Toxic Spikes from the Move Reminder for a Heart Scale. My suggestion would be to breed Stealth Rock onto a Pineco first, then evolve it and teach it Toxic Spikes.

Good luck!

That might be the easier route, but not everyone has a bottemless supply of of Heart Scales...
You only need one.
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Spook is correct in that you can use a Heart Scale to "remind" a Forretress how to use Toxic Spikes. However, it is also possible to breed for it, removing the need for the Heart Scale, if you were so inclined. It will require 2 breeding steps in this instance, one for Toxic Spikes, and one for Stealth Rock.

To do this will require a Male Scorupi/Drapion or Beedrill that knows Toxic Spikes. Breed it with a Female Pineco/Forretress to get one that knows Toxic Spikes. You will again want a Female, so that you can breed in Stealth Rock from the Dweeble/Crustle.

In the interest of "protecting" the move, it is recommended that you open the Summary page of the Female Toxic Spikes Pineco, and sort Toxic Spikes to the bottom slot. This ensures that that move will be the last one the game attempts to accommodate when determining Egg Moves for offspring.

Now that you have your Female Toxic Spikes Pineco, you will need a Male Dweeble/Crustle that knows Stealth Rock. Put the 2 together, and hatch your Pineco with Toxic Spikes and Stealth Rock. If you are going to breed in any other moves, you should again keep hatching until you get a Female. But otherwise, you'd be done here.

Note that you can do this process in either order. As long as you sort the desired move to the bottom of the Pokemon's Summary page, it will work both ways.

I kinda used your method but I bred a male pineco with one move and a female pineco with the other move. I read that they could only get moves from the father passed t the offspring so I wanted to test if this was true. What I read was wrong I now have 3 pineco that have toxic spikes and stealth rock 2 of which are goon to be used for future breeding while the other I think I will release because of the docile nature. Thank you for the help I'm new to breeding so this will help me in the future
It depends on what generation you are breeding in.  Egg Moves were only available from the father before Gen 6 (X/Y).  Now, both the mother and father can pass them down.  This is also relevant with Hidden Abilities.  Origianlly only the mother could do it, but now the child has an 80% chance of receiving it from the mother, and a 20% chance of receiving it form the father.  A HA Female is no longer required, just significantly faster.