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Shiny gyarados-33

(Assuming this is the first battle)
Give Ice Beam/Ice Fang and Surf/Waterfall to Feraligatr
That covers most of his team

Evolve Onix to give it better typing and more bulk with a Rock move
Step 1: Punch him very hard in the face.
Step 2: If Step 1 fails, repeat.
You can read http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/96802/what-is-a-good-in-game-team-for-hg-ss?show=96802#q96802 , but otherwise, asking for advice on ingame teams is not allowed.
I don't think he's asking of team advice, he's asking for strategy. I think those questions are allowed.
sumwun he's not asking for a team he's just asking how to beat lance with his team.
The best way is probably to replace one of your Pokemon with Lapras. It should learn ice beam by level up.
This is literally one of the most asked questions.

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Ok, Lance has 3 Underleveled Dragonites, A Gyarados, A Charizard and an Aerodactyl. So the best things to use against the Dragonites Is an Ice type move like Blizzard or Ice Beam because Dragonite has a 4x Weakness to Ice, you can also use rock Due to You having Onix. For Gyarados you can use a Rock or Electric type (Preferably use Electric Moves on Gyarados due to 4x Weakness on Electric). For Charizard and Aerodactyl you can Use Water, Rock or Electric Type moves. You can also use Steel Type moves against Aerodactyl but not for Charizard.

Hope I helped:)

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Your feraligator dwarfs his highest level Pokemon by 11 levels, if feraligator has it spam ice fang. if not relearn it then span ice fang for charizard, aerodactal use water moves. For the opening gyrados crunch, if you have it, otherwise just spam stab it won't be very effective but it should work.