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Ok, so.

My team right now is:

Raikou Lvl 50: Thunder, Crunch, Thunder Fang, Reflect

Gyarados Lvl 48: Blizzard, Waterfall, Surf, Whirlpool

Ho-oh Lvl 48: Extrasensory, Fly, Fire Blast, Sacred Fire

Typhlosion Lvl 55: Cut, Earthquake, Blast Burn, Flamethrower

Sudowoodo Lvl 39: Rock Tomb, Headbutt, Rock Slide, Strength

(any tips would be apreciated)

Why do you only have five Pokemon?
It's a bit difficult to level up a full team in Johto, due to the level curve. that's likely why.

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Lets take a look at your Pokemon first. Most of the levels are good. Perhaps get Sudowoodo up a little more. Other than that, seems good.

Now, counters to his Pokemon:

Gyarados: Use your Raikou. That 4x weakness to Electric will likely mean Gyarados goes down in a single hit to either Thunder or Thunder Fang. Not much of an issue.

Aerodactyl: Gyarados or Raikou is the way to go. Both Electric and Water moves are super effective. If you use Gyarados, be mindful of super effective Rock Slides and Thunder Fangs coming your way.

Charizard: Here's where your Sudowoodo could come in. While it is likely slower than Charizard, it can do serious damage with its Rock-type moves, and Charizard likely can't do too much in return.

Dragonites: If you fancy a slightly risky play, Gyarados's Blizzard will likely end them all easily. However, this is unreliable, as Blizzard is not a highly accurate move. If you use Gyarados, be mindful! One of the Dragonites has Thunder. Try Sudowoodo, as Rock-type moves will also deal super effective damage. The rest of your Pokemon seem like they could dish out solid neutral damage as well.

Hope I helped, and good luck!

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Thank you!
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Gyarados's special attack is very low. I think the other answer is better.
Thats fair. I was giving a strategy based on what the OP wrote, not anything external, as I didn't know if he/she had anything else.
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Right now, you can take care of his Gyarados, Aerodactyl and Charizard with Raikou and Gyarados respectively. That only leaves his 3 Dragonites.
The easiest way about this would be to over levelling, but I will give another way. Teach your Gyarados Ice Fang to compliment its Attack stat. Gyarados also learns Ice Fang at levlevrl . The reason I say this is because Blizzard uses its measly 60 base Special Attack and has 70 base accuracy. Ice Fang would be more powerful because it uses its 125 Attack Stat. However, I can't expect one Gyarados to take On 3 Dragonites and survive, especially since one knows Thunder. So, I propose that you level up your Sudowoodo some more, so that in combination with its super effective Rock Type attacks, you can take down his Dragonites.
Other options if you don't feel like grinding to level up:
Toxic stalling is a viable option in my opinion. You just have to stick up On Revives until the Dragonite dead and use revives.
Hope I helped!

This would be good, but by the time I'm done with Koga/Karen Raikou and Gyarados are fainted or poisoned. I don't have any more full restores, so I have to fight them while draining health or at <50%. Also, I don't have any heart scales, so I can't relearn Ice Fang. And yes, you did help. Thank You!
Dang.  Then your best bet is Blizzard and over levelling to keep them alive and at high HP.  Especially over level that Sudowoodo though.
thank you, again! and also, would taking a turn to use X Accuracy on Gyarados be vital? I already know I outspeed the dragonites, and if I overlevel I should be able to OHKO with blizzard.
No problem.  Glad to help!
I would say it is.  The X Accuracy makes Blizzard have a 93 accuracy of I did it right.  It would greatly help.
Alr. Thank you!

I went to a damage calculator, blizzard is a 31.3% OHKO. Thank you!
You can get a heart scale from Route 32 or smashing rocks anywhere except Ruins of Alph and Cliff Cave. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Heart_Scale