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I keep losing to the champion in heart gold and really need help. My team consist of:
Lv. 47 Ampharos: thunder punch,discharge,signal beam,thunder wave.
Lv. 46 ho-oh: extra sensory,sunny day,fire blast,sacred fire
Lv. 44 feraligator: surf,waterfall,crunch,ice fang
Lv. 37 machamp: low kick,vital throw,focus energy,submission
Lv. 29 pidgeotto: twister,fly,gust,quick attack
Lv. 35 gyarados: bite,dragon rage,ice fang,waterfall(*new)

Any help on my team and how to drastically improve it?

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Well, first off get everyone to Lv. 47-50. Machamp, Dratini and Pidgeotto will be swept instantly.
In my opinon, if you're going to have dratini, NEVER USE IT (Unless you are trying to EV train), give it the exp share, only use it for a backup mon if all of the other ones faint, risk it fainting to revive a stronger Pokemon
Or, alternative, you could just drop dratini completley
Get higher levels.
Overlevel, then spend some money so you can bring revives and hyper potions to heal up when needed. The most noticeable problems are pigeotto, machamp and dratini, who are underlevelled and will be lucky if they even survive one hit.
Thank you so much for th help! I beat the e4 as well as the champion and now beat the first Kano gym.  I replaced dratini with red gyarados and leveled everyone up. Thanks again for the help! :D
No problem :)

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When Lance's Gyarados comes out, lead with Amphy and use thunder wave. Then spam discharge.

Ho-oh is screwed. Try giving it moves that with deal a lot of damage to Charizard and Dragonite(s).

For Feraligatr try leveling up between 47-50, like Grime Time said. And when Dragonites come out, Ice Fang about(next Eminem right here)

You really need to level up Machamp. Teach it Stone Edge or Rock Slide so he can attack Charizard and Aerodactyl.

Pidgeotto needs to evolve obviously. And then level him up to levels 47-50. Also teach him better moves(Fly is okay, but replace the other moves with good stuff)

It's okay if you're training Dratini right now but you need an extra poke. Try using the red gyarados because it's Attack is great and is very bulky. Try giving him the choice scarf in which you get from your mom. Then spam ice fang and waterfall.

Hope I helped!