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So I was competing a bit in the competition last night, and I was using a set on Dnite that I had adapted from singles. I ran Dragon Dance, Fire Punch, Iron Head (I don't understand why no one uses this move on Dragonite, it's super effective against every type Dragonite is weak to save for Dragon itself) and Dragon Claw.

To save Dragonite from its mediocrity in doubles, its co-lead was a Mega Lopunny which ran, namely, Fake Out.

With a turn of Dragon Dance setup, and multiscale support in the case the Pokémon not flinched attacked her, she managed to OHKO many of her common threats that I faced, including Mega Gardevoir, Xerneas, etc. leaving me with plenty more wins than losses,

This morning, I happened to take a peek at Dragonite's Doubles set on smogon, which left hardly a sentence without describing how bad it is, and even in Team Options never even mentioned a Fake Out user, instead poking fun at how one should just bring a Magikarp.


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Dragonite can easily be run with doubles ou, its the tiers that people often don't play and rarely seen a dragonite. plus people think its just plain ou attacker, as shown below its not quite. feel free to copy my teams and goodluck//

DRagonite goes well with pranksters or supports, it would either need a baton pass +speed or +def or even go with raw attack, its all opinion.

On Pokemon Showdown I have this as doubles ou score doublesou 1120 with 4 wins 1 loss, currently.

However ill list useful dragonite tiers ive got in my own playlist that works well. Dragonite isn't very well equipeed atm but with specific teams it works superbly well.

Doubles Ou

Dragonite (M) @ Enigma Berry, get a powesaver or beat BM 200 length.
It gives same as sitrus, weakness though. Ability: Inner Focus
Level: 50 (basic) battles Shiny: Yes (if) lol EVs: 144 HP / 148 SpA
/ 176 SpD / 40 Spe (it works) Timid Nature JUST GO WITH IT! IVs: 0
- Ice Beam - dragon covg, often finding lots of dragons
- Haze - reset all stats
- Surf - (hits both) dragonite with a prankster like whimsicott or klefki, then run reflect/light screen
- Incinerate - Destroys berries or gems

using and Running a klefki like this:- CLick Link below

can be very useful with dragonite ou support.

Its got Bold nature to support its atk being weaker so foul play does extra dmg!

HERES MY DOUBLES OU TEAM< Ive included a dragonite for the fun of It since I'm now at 7 wins 2 losses


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