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  1. I have a 4Iv Rotom and a 3Iv Ditto, what are the chances of getting a 5 Iv Rotom?
  2. Is it better for one of them to hold a power item to transfer it to the offspring, then try and mate a 5Iv Rotom with a 2Iv but correct nature ditto
  3. If both of those possibilities are small, is there a better way of going about this?

If you can only answer one or two of the questions, no worries, I'll take all answers!


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If both of these possibilities are small, is there a better way of going about this?

Well, of course, the answer is yes!

The fastest way to max the IVs of a certain Pokemon is to have a 6 IV Ditto, and have it hold a Destiny Knot in the Daycare. The Destiny Knot is an invaluable item for any breeder. If either of the 2 Pokemon is holding it, the child is guaranteed to inherit 5 of it's 6 IVs from one of it's parents, chosen at random. Every time you produce a child with more IVs than it's not-Ditto parent, you replace that parent with the child, and repeat the process. Eventually you will get either a child with 5 IVs in the stats you care about, or a child with all 6 IVs, which is the first step in breeding a competitive grade Shiny.

Similarly, the Everstone allows the Pokemon holding it to pass it's Nature down to the children, instead of the Nature being chosen at random. I usually get this step out of the way before worrying about IVs, because you just move the Everstone from parent to child when you swap them in the daycare. The Ditto is holding the Destiny Knot, ensuring you get both the correct Nature and your crack at improving the IVs of the children.

So, the question becomes.... How do you get a 6 IV Ditto?

/r/BreedingDittos will give anyone a 6 IV Ditto holding a Destiny Knot, usually Shiny, once for literally free. Whats more, if you are interested in Shiny Breeding, they make an effort to ensure the Ditto they give you is of a different language than your game, ensuring you get the benefits of the Masuda Method, increasing the chance of hatching a Shiny. They do have a lot of rules and requirements you have to meet, but it is worth every second of effort. Beyond that, there are occasionally giveaways hosted by contributors to the sub, allowing you to get additional 6 IV Dittos. One of the giveaway peeps in particular is known for also offering Trick Room Dittos, as well as a limited variety of Hidden Power Dittos.

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Oh wow, I didn't know someone was willing to give 6IV Dittos, that would have made things a lot easier. Thanks for the advice!
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I've been playing Pokemon since 1998 and do have exp in this question. Breeding and iv's also ev's are passeable but go by chance. There are items to use to increase odds but best way is to hatch more eggs.

For a start your better off requesting on facebook (pokemon trade centre) website 23.570 users and request a 6iv ditto. wouldn't harm this at all would it.

A Pokemon passes iv's down by chance, simply at that. its best to use a destiny knot item on a parent with the highest ivs to pass down the best possible mount of roughly guided ivs. In your case having a 4iv rotom and 3iv ditto the chances of getting a 5iv rotom would be 7 iv's total out of 12. The best it could ever do would be a 6i rotom which is desireable anyway simply cause were talking about 4+3=7.. however I don't know the exact amount of eggs required for tht and believe me I would never do that.

Breed a Pokemon to get highest ivs.... then use baby Pokemon with highest ivs and put it bk into breeding centre until you have a 5iv in there one particular egg hatches.

After when a 5iv rotom with a 3iv ditto is used its 8ivs giving better chance.... also theres guides on how ivs are measured with iv man in Pokemon x / y.

The Pokemon with the highest ivs should hold destiny knot all the time, if breeding ditto ha 3 ivs and rotom has egg moves then its done like this in order

stage 1- breed rotom holding evolite prefferably.... with ditto give it destiny knot
>stage 2 - breed until you find a 4 iv rotom
>stage 3 - repeat stage 1
>stage 4 - breed until you have a 5iv rotom
>stage 5 - repeat stage 1
>stage 6 - now get a 5iv rotom and give it eviolite and give ditto destiny knot

stage 7 is very length since rotom cant breed with rotom its generless so ditto is required.

>This may take upto avg don't quote me on that lol around 30-120 eggs/// NO JOKE!!!

Or alt get a 6iv ditto and give it destiny knot and other parent evliote.. Done..

Thanks for the help! I managed to get lucky and get a 5 IV rotom in around 20 eggs. I was thinking the math was around 1/24, using the everstone to hold my nature, and destiny bond to pass 5 Ivs down.
goodluck nd whatever :)
"holding evolite"

You mean Everstone?