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Ability: Unnerve
Nature: Hardy
- Payback
- Earthquake
- Power-Up Punch
- Dragon Dance
EV Training:
- Attack: 252
- HP: 129 (Roughly)
- Speed: 129 (Roughly)
Ideas for items:
Muscle Band, Bright Powder, Razor Fang, Quick Claw, Razor Claw, Scope Lens
I'm looking for something that could make it go faster, or be able to withstand fighting moves. Thanks!

If your playing x give him the tyranitatite if y give it chople berty/quick claw sorry for the horid spelling

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If you're looking for an item to make it faster or withstand fighting moves, the only two items that fall into that slot are: Choice Scarf (which locks you into the first move you pick, but increases speed by x1.5) and Chople Berry (which halves damage taken from a supereffective fighting move, but it is single use). To the best of my knowledge, choice scarf is the only item that raises speed, and I do not know of any item that reduces fighting damage other than the chople berry.

I guess you could also use a kee berry (single use) to raise your defense one stage, but it only works on physical moves and it is less effective if you're hit by a fighting type move, especially if its a special move like focus blast which won't trigger the kee berry.

Also if you use Choice Scarf, I'd recommend replacing Dragon Dance with another attacking move.

I know, Pokemon is annoying in terms of items. I hope I helped! :)