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Is the boost given by the Muscle Band a good option competitively? (also try to mention how much is the boost)


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Muscle Band isn't a bad item for competitive but it's outclassed

Muscle Band's boost is 10%;
>Effect: Boosts power of physical moves by 10%.

Muscle Band is outclassed in terms of it's boost really - Life Orb gives a 30% boost to BOTH Special and Physical attacks at the cost of 10% HP.
Expert Belt gives a 20% boost to BOTH Special and Physical attacks, provided they are super effective.

In all honesty, those two items are better than Muscle Band - I know of no Pokemon which would not work better with one of those items, or another one (Like Choice Band) compared to Muscle Band.

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I was hoping to use this item for the SubPunch set on my Poliwrath, but I guess the recoil from Life Orb barely matters due to it's frailness. Thanks!
If you're using SubPunch, utilise Leftovers. It allows Poliwrath to get in more Substitutes.