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Hey, I was wondering if muscle band applies before or after stat buffs, as I can't seem to find it anywhere. And even though it isn't stated in the question, do the type buffing items (ie. Dragon fang) apply after or before stat buffs? I'm asking so I can make the decision on giving my haxorus a muscle band or dragon fang. I know the amount they buff by, I just want to know when they apply.

The answer to this question doesn't matter for what you're trying to achieve, as far as I can see. Dragon Fang is no different from Muscle Band in the sense they're both basic damage multipliers -- Dragon Fang simply activates only for Dragon moves.

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Stat stages and attack-boosting items multiply together.
If you have a Pokemon of stage 1 on Attack, and holding a Dragon Fang, when you use a move such as Dragon Claw, it will multiply it by the stage (1.5x) and the Dragon Fang's multiplier (1.2x since gen IV) to get a final power of 132.


Edited: Mistook the Muscle Band for an EV-boosting item.

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The Muscle Band boosts the power of the holder's physical moves by 10%. It's not an EV item.
I've edited the answer. Thanks for letting me know.
Damage multipliers don't apply to base power -- they apply to the amount of damage dealt after the bulk of that has already been calculated. In practice, this doesn't count for much except some rounding, but it's worth mentioning seeing as this question is specifically concerned with when different multipliers are applied.
That's not to mention the answer is still not entirely clear about which one applies first (as much as that doesn't actually matter to OP, afaik).