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I use them and think they’re very useful. I just wanna know if other people use them. Thanks.


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No, not really. These items are largely outclassed by other items like Choice Band and Choice Specs. The choice items actually give significant power boosts (50%), while Muscle Band and Wise Glasses only raise Attack or Special Attack by a measly 10%.

Sure, choice items lock you into one move, but the high boost in speed or power makes it worth it. Plus, good players can get around this. So, most people don’t use Muscle Band or Wise Glasses, as they pretty much waste the item slot.

If you don’t want a choice item, Life Orb, Z-Crystals, and other items will do the job.

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I use the Muscle Band and Wise Glasses.
Why would you use them when life orbs, expert belts, or plates are so much better?
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Not generally. 1.1x power boost isn't that great, and are generally a waste of your item slot, and Life Orb is just simply better. I would only recommend using them if Item Clause is in play, and you already have a Life Orb user on your team, and really can't make use of any other item. And even then, I'd say that some of the RNG-based items like Quick Claw or King's Rock are probably more likely to win you games than the slight power boost.

Think about it like this: For your general sweeper, MB/WG only change the battle if your move would have taken either between 46-49% or 91-99% of your target's health (inclusive), since those are the only times it changes a 3HKO to a 2HKO or a 2HKO to an OKHO (if you're looking to turn 4 hits into 3 or less, you probably need a better Pokémon). That's a total range of 13%. Unless you seriously don't have a better option, I would really recommend using a different item.